wedding plein air

how to capture the precise moment between before and after…

I can paint your special day—

  1. determine the size and price

    Canvas size for wedding plein-air must be medium-sized (surface area between 200 and 600

    Pricing is the same calculation as studio commissions, at $1.00 per sq.inch.

    My travel expenses ($0.50 per driven mile) are added to the invoice.

  2. complete the proposal form

    Include as many details as possible about the event logistics.

    In the “deadline” box, fill in your wedding date.

  3. I’ll provide an invoice in my email response to your proposal.

    Full payment is due two weeks before the ceremony date.

    Find details for payment here.

  4. I arrive several hours early with my easel, dressed in professional-black.

    I sketch out the composition, prep the palette, and paint the background.

    When the ceremony begins I stand in the back of the space, behind the guests, quietly rushing to fill the canvas before you say “I do.” I try to minimize the paint stains.

    Finally I prop the finished painting in the reception space for the guests’ viewing. Then I either leave the wet painting with your family or ship the painting to your address once the paint dries.

    Find details for delivery here.

Questions? Refer to the commission guidelines, submit a webform on the contact page, or email .

P.S. The painting of your wedding can become a print for your guests’ thank you cards. Access to the high-quality image is included with your painting commission.

201810 Maddy Wedding.jpeg
201810 Maddy Wedding 3.jpeg