how to support the artist

1. attend an exhibition

This is a collection of numerous paintings that explore a particular theme within a gallery-esque space, such as a local coffeehouse. Most exhibitions are launched with a reception party, in which you can ask the artist questions, relax with friends and fellow art lovers, and claim your favorite painting before it sells. The paintings are reserved, purchased, and retrieved at the end of the exhibition period.

The next exhibition & reception will be midsummer at Grit Coffee on Elliewood Avenue (details TBD).

2. commission a painting

I love painting for others. With commission work, the art becomes a collaboration—translating another's unique vision and values through my paint upon a canvas. The artwork brightens your home, serves as a perfect gift, and becomes a treasured keepsake to reflect upon a moment for years to come.

3. send encouraging or critical feedback

I am in the raw beginnings of this the mishaps are inevitable. Thank you for your patience as I navigate how to create this business and cultivate my artistic style. If you notice anything that may be improved, please feel welcome to send an email ( On the other hand, if you notice in my work some idea or motif that you love and think should be developed further, please let me know.

4. share the artwork with others

The more the merrier. Whether word of mouth, social media, or a handwritten note to a friend, I truly appreciate your help in distributing images of my work throughout the community.

website: ; instagram: @lauchlan_artist

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