The physical product consists of canvas fabric stretched and stapled on wooden strips, primed with gesso, sketched with charcoal, and painted with oil pigment.

The signature, title, and date is written on the back of the canvas.

Eye-hooks are drilled into the wooden strips so it may be easily hung upon the wall. A separate outer frame is not included. The canvas sides are left unpainted.

Your painting includes the rights of reproduction for personal, non-commercial use. I’ll keep a high-resolution image of your painting, suitable for quality printing, to be provided at your request. A certificate of artist authenticity can also be provided upon request.

Textured and thickly applied, the paint requires at least a week to dry. Paintings are best stored vertically or wrapped to prevent dust collection upon the surface. Protect the canvas (front or back) from resting on any corner or projection. To prevent irreparable dents, the object’s weight should be supported solely by the wooden strips.

2018_12_01 walls-0742.jpg