EXHIBITION — artwork hangs upon windowlit walls of some social space for in-person viewership to brighten everyday living and cultivate local contemplation...

••{December 2018}••

First Fridays at the WriterHouse. 

opening reception DECEMBER SEVENTH 5-7PM

508 Dale Avenue, Charlottesville, Virginia. Coordinated by Rees Wilson.

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read article in UVA Today : “Student Curator Brings Recent UVA Grad’s Art Back to Charlottesville” by Payton Moledor

The university architecture serves as a microcosm of the southern postmodern. The cropped perspectives and the flickering effect created by the multitude of brushstrokes capture the unsteady balance between history and newness. The planes in the foreground are multicolored and pixellated like a fractured screen. The columns seem to be in shadow, but the pigment itself is actually a pure bright blue upon the palette.
— excerpt from artist statement

••{April 2018}••

Student Exhibition at the Center for Christian Study. 

128 Chancellor Street, Charlottesville, Virginia. Coordinated by Rachel Gaffin.

In this contemporary moment I am overwhelmed by a globalizing, abstracting, multiplying, diversifying, intensifying, accelerating, quarreling, and infinitely complex world, and I find that I am often silenced by my self-perceived smallness. Painting is the language I speak when I am uncertain what to say.
— excerpt from artist's reception speech

••{March 2018} ••

"LAYERED GEOGRAPHIES." First Fridays at Milli Coffee Roasters.

400 Preston Avenue, Charlottesville, Virginia. coordinated by Jordan Chambers.

collaboration with photographer Courtney Brubaker.

The absence of human figures vitalizes the landscapes’ inanimate elements, as the settings embody the personalities of the unrepresented forms. However, despite the compositional drama, the uncrowded spaces also evoke stillness and solitude. By framing and layering familiar geographies, the artwork celebrates beauty and complexity within the local ordinary.
— excerpt from artist statement

••{December 2014} ••

 Young Tennessee Artists at the Frist Museum.

919 Broadway, Nashville, Tennessee.