1. free in-person delivery

    — available in Chattanooga, TN and Charlottesville, VA

    Once the painting is ready, we’ll coordinate a place and time to meet.

  2. shipping through Fedex Ground

    — based on object’s weight & dimensions, as well as distance to destination

    • small paintings (if surface area is less than 200

      — delivery costs up to $20

    • medium-sized paintings (if surface area is from 200 to 600

      — delivery costs up to $50

    • large paintings (if surface area is more than 600

      — delivery costs up to $100

      Shipping costs per painting are reduced if multiple paintings are delivered to the same address.

protective packaging for shipping journey:

The paint requires at least a week to dry. In order to wrap the painting, the paint must be completely dry.

The painting is wrapped in paper, taped to cardboard, sealed in plastic, wrapped in bubble wrap, taped to cardboard again, and placed in a box with filling to minimize bumps.

This packaging method carefully ensures that the painting arrives without damage.