COMMISSION — to sublimate home/memory/relationship/gratitude into a carefully rendered physical object for interior decoration, thoughtful gifting, or treasured keepsake...


how it works

1. select subject.

a place, a person, an object, an event, a photograph, an idea...this can be as vague or specific as you wish.

2. select size.

it's a professional-level canvas, stretched with an inner wooden frame, from an art supply store.

not sure what size fits your subject? think small, medium or large.

small: 8x8", 8x10", 10x10", 9x12"

medium: 12x12", 12x16", 16x20", 20x20", 15x30", 16x40",  24x24"

large: 24x36", 30x40", 36x36"

3. contact the artist.

place your order via site, email, or phone and we'll schedule a consultation, plan the delivery, and determine payment.


$1.00 per square inch:

8x8": $64;    8x10": $80;   10x10": $100;   9x12": $108

$0.80 per square inch:

12x12": $116;   12x16": $154;   16x20": $256;   20x20": $320;   15x30": $360;   24x24": $460;   16x40": $512

$0.75 per square inch:

24x36": $648;   30x40": $900;   36x36": $972

recent commission work: