GUIDELINES to commission a painting

Whether an heirloom, a gift, or simply a piece to brighten your home, your painting exists to preserve your story.

Here I’ve written an outline of the process. The bolded items are what I need from you—to create an image-object exceeding your expectations and cherished for years to come.

  1. your proposal (via webform)

    Your commission proposal unfolds your idea into specifications of your painting’s size, subject, and significance.

    Subjects can include houses, hometowns, alma-maters, travels, trails, boats, farms, cabins, bouquets, and weddings.

    In your proposal, you will also select your method for payment and delivery.

    To determine the pricing, click here.

  2. reference photographs (via email)

    After submitting your proposal, email all reference photos to

    This is how I can begin your composition sketch— a pen drawing on graph paper determining the approximate placement of forms.

  3. composition approval (via email)

    Within two weeks, please expect an email response to your proposal. This response will include:

    •an estimated delivery date •your invoice (calculating deposit & full amount),

    •the sketch of the painting’s composition for your approval

    •answers to your questions, and perhaps requests for clarification.

    Then you’ll email me your adjustments to and approval of the composition sketch.

  4. deposit payment (via paypal, venmo, or check)

    Once you approve the composition, you’ll pay your deposit, which is half of the price of the painting. Find details for payment here.

    If you need to cancel your commission, please email me to do so before you pay your deposit.

    Once you pay the deposit, I can begin your painting.

  5. painting approval (via email)

    Most commissioned paintings are completed within one to three months. Completion time depends upon the size of your painting, whether I am additionally working on an upcoming exhibition, and the number of commissions that I’ve already taken in. Typically I will spend one day on small paintings, two days on medium-sized paintings, and at least three full days on large paintings.

    When the composition sketch is translated to the canvas and the canvas is filled with pigment, I’ll photograph the piece. When I email this image, you can respond with any suggestions for improvements. Once it meets your expectations, you’ll give your approval.

    My first priority is that you are satisfied with your painting. As long as your expectations and suggestions for improvement are clearly defined and within my skill level, I will always strive to meet them.

  6. full payment (via paypal, venmo, or check)

    When you approve your painting, you’ll pay the rest of your balance, written on the invoice (total minus deposit, plus delivery costs, sales tax, and fees). Find details for payment here.

    Once the balance is paid, I will email your receipt and shipping confirmation number.

  7. delivery address

    Once the paint is completely dry, your painting will be wrapped, boxed, and shipped to your address.

    If you are located near Chattanooga (or Charlottesville), you’ll have the option for free in-person delivery.

    Find details for delivery and shipping costs here.

  8. share

    Post on social media — share a photo of your painting in its new home, tagging @lauchlan_artist. The exposure is so helpful and lets this business grow.

If you have any questions, submit a webform here or email

Thank you! I look forward to hearing from you. —Lauchlan

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