Winter Light 

artist statement

The exhibition “Winter Light” is the pursuit of bright shadows and dappled neutrals. When you notice the complex palette of a winter scene, discover the multiplicity of colors in the grayscape. There are no blacks and whites — only shades of color. The leaf-bare woods are rosy and deep. The shadows upon fresh snow are intensely blue. The sunlight is crisp and clear to make everything simultaneously darker and lighter, sharpened and softened. The cold weather rakes the landscape down to its skeletal essence. Winter is the season of clarity, of anticipation, of under-the-surface growth and renewal. “Winter Light” intensifies the prismatic radiance within the fragmented gloom.

“Winter Light” is a collection of paintings capturing various Virginia geographies within and peripheral to Charlottesville. The paintings belong to one of two series: Academical Village and Backroads.

The Academical Village series observes the University of Virginia architecture from uncentered viewpoints in moments of passage—to contemplate the physical intersection of modernity and history in a microcosm of the American South.

The Backroads series catalogs the quiet spaces on the margins of town—to experience the reflective robert-frost moments of stopping by woods in the midst of lonely drives.

I’ve lived here in Charlottesville for five years now. Our home is beautiful and complicated. As I observe my local contemporary, I’m determined to capture its beauty without undermining its complexity.